UpsideDown Farms, LLC

1160 Bear Poplar Road
Cleveland, NC 27013
ROWAN  County
Home Phone: (704) 278-9086

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Pick-Your-Own Farm
Roadside Market

Products Available:

Dates and Times:
Monday thru Friday 9 am-6 pm during production season or if "fresh mushroom" sign is out.

Product Specifications:
Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Currently producing Shiitakes, Golden and Pink Oyster Mushrooms, Lion's Mane Mushrooms, and Reishi Mushrooms.

Special Services:
Provide training for high school age students with Down Syndrome to learn how to have a viable agri-business in mycology.

General Directions:
The best place to reach us is at the Salisbury-Rowan Farmers Market on Saturday morning, 8 am-12 noon at the 200 block of West Fisher St, Salisbury.

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