$inkmore Homestead

902 E. Main Street
Candor, NC 27229
Office Phone: (336) 833-2949

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Pick-Your-Own Farm
Roadside Market

We are members of the following associations:

  • Goodness Grows in North Carolina (GGINC)
  • North Carolina Pecan Growers Association

Products Available:
HayBales, Pecans

Dates and Times:
Products are seasonal, and hours are limited! Because of the high demand and short supply of our premium quality Hay and Pecans, you should check our Facebook page at "$inkmore Homestead", or call or e.mail $inkmore to confirm product availability. We are frequently sold-out, thus frequently not available to fill sales orders. DO NOT WASTE A TRIP just to find that we are not open and/or have no product! Haying season begins after Memorial Day. For Pecans, beginning in October 2016, we will be open ONLY on Saturdays (1:00--5:00 PM) and Sundays (1:00--5:00 PM), ONLY IF WE HAVE PRODUCT!!! We are finished with Pecans by Christmas.

Product Specifications:
In-shell Pecans, Coastal Bermuda Hay (weed-free, high protein, horse-quality). Product is available ONLY at $inkmore Homestead,902 E. Main St., Candor, NC 27229. All sales are for CASH, we do not accept plastic. We do not ship product, and we do not deliver orders of less than $600.

Special Services:
At Hay baling time, we customarily offer a "lift-it- yourself" discount for clients who pick up and load their own bales in the field, the same day that we would otherwise put it in the barn. This is a time- and weather-sensitive event, and we require the ability to notify our clients by e.mail just days (or even hours) prior. If you are interested, please ping your e.mail address to us at WindshieldFarm@gmail.com. For Pecans, beginning in October 2016, we intend to mechanically shake (& flag) trees that are "ready" each Friday afternoon, and blow-out all the leaves on Saturday mornings. Between the hours of 1:00--5:00 PM each Saturday and Sunday, folks will be able to "Pick(up) Your Own" Pecans, at a price roughly half that of orchard-harvested nuts, and a third that of most discount stores and grocery stores. Nuts "leftover" and harvested from the previous week's shakings (if any) will also be available at that time, at twice the PYO price.

General Directions:
Our actual physical and 9-1-1 address is 902 NC Hwy 211- E, Candor, NC 27229. This address works at www.mapquest.com. The address shown above in this listing works best for locating us at www.googlemaps.com. A map is available at www.facebook.com/sinkmore. From North, South, or West: a. Approach from the combined I-73/I-74/US 220. b. Exit on NC-211, headed west towards Pinehurst, NC. c. Almost IMMEDIATELY (0.1 mile), turn south (right) into our paved residential driveway, across from the intersection of Farmer's Market Road and NC-211. This intersection is defined by the presence of a gasoline station (with diner), an ice-cream shop and adjacent produce stand. d. Drive to the end of the driveway (130 yards), don't mind the loud but friendly dogs, knock on the door (or call 910-974-7051). From East: a. Approach on NC-211. b. Cross the county line, leaving Moore, entering Montgomery. Approximately 0.5 mile from county line, see County Water System elevated tank, on right. c. Approximately 0.1 mile from water tank, turn south (left) into our paved residential driveway, across from the intersection of Farmer's Market Road and NC-211. This intersection is defined as in "c" above. d. Same as "d" above.

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