Gray's Pumpkin Patch

Barbers Junction Rd
Mt. Ulla, NC 28125
ROWAN  County
Office Phone: (704) 278-2591
Home Phone: (704) 278-2591
Mobile Phone: (704) 880-6920

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Pick-Your-Own Farm
Roadside Market

Products Available:
Gourds, Indian Corn, Pumpkins

Dates and Times:
We will be open on the following schedule starting September 24th through the end of October. Wednesday, Thursday Fridays from 12:00 to dark, Saturdays & Sundays 9:00 to dark. On all fairweather days.

Product Specifications:
Locally Grown Commercial Pumpkins and Specialty Pumpkins, over 10 Varieties of Pumpkins and gourds! Commercial grades are the; Merlins - Globe shaped with sturdy stems 10-20 pounds. Taller than round, great Halloween pumpkins. Easy to carve. Big Moon - Grows up to and over 200 pounds. Thay are a bright orange pumpkin with thick flesh yet easy to carve. They are definately the biggest pumpkins in the neighborhood! Big Mac - Grows up to 120 pounds in size. They are bright orange with deep, but easily carvable flesh. Some will be over 24 inches in diameter or length! Great for those who love a big pumpkins for Halloween. Golden Mammoth - Similar to the Big Mac it's only slightly smaller and averages 60 pounds per pumpkin. Bright orange in color and of various sizes and shapes. Great for those who love big Pumpkins! Pump-Ke-Mon pumpkins. Cute and decorative 1-2 pound pumpkins that are orange and yellow striped and keep well after Thankgiving as beautifull decorative pumpkins. Cooking Pumpkins - Old fashion variety that great for cooking and stores for long periods of time. Will last way past Thanksgiving and on to Christmas for fresh pumpkin pies through the Fall season. Lil Iron Sides - Small, 2 to 5 pound pumpkins perfect for painting. Uniform round shape with good stems. Miniature Gourds - All shapes and colors. Will last, as distinctive decorations, well past Thanksgiving. Bird House gourds, perfect decorations that can be painted or used for birdhouse habitats that will last for years. Indian Corn - multi colored brightly decorative corn ears. Sold singly or in groups of three ready to hang on your door. All of these are locally grown and are picked right out of our field in Rowan County, NC.

Special Services:
We only do pumpkins, gourds and indian corn. A real Pumpkin Patch where kids can see how pumpkins grow, what the plant looks like and and have them cut directly from the vine! You can also make your own real Cornucopia on sight with all the colorfull indian corn, various gourds and small pumpkins. We have the baskets and all!.

General Directions:
Gray's Pumpkin Patch is located near West Rowan High School on 801 Hwy, just south of Highway 70 between Salisbury and Statesville. The patch is located just south of the new bridge crossing Withrow Creek. Look for the sign Pick Your Own Pumpkin and come get a real home grown Halloween Pumpkins at a good price. Hurry for the best and biggest ones! Bring your children and hand pick your own Pumpkins directly from the field for some Halloween fun! -Three time Blue Ribbon Winners in Rowan County fair! -10 varieties of pumpkins from Giant Pumpkins to decorative Gourds, even Indian corn! -Much bigger and better. -Many, weighing in over 40 pounds! Several over 70 pounds! Have the biggest jack-o-lantern in your neighborhood for Halloween! Come see us and bring the kids to Gray's Pumpkin Patch in Rowan County! Decorations and Candy for the children.

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