Russell Family Beef

116 N. Sterling Street
Morganton, NC 28655
BURKE  County
Home Phone: (828) 437-1850

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Roadside Market

Products Available:

Dates and Times:
Located 116 N. Sterling Street, Morganton, NC 28655. Call for availability and times. (828) 433-8875

Product Specifications:
We are a small family farm that thrives for excellence through our 100% grassfed, chemcial/medication/hormone free cattle. We use rotational grazing techniques. Fresh deep well water is provided from frost-free water troughs. Our cattle are processed at about the tender age of 2 years. They are dry aged for 15 days, vacuum packed,stickered, and flash frozen in a USDA inspected facility to preserve its freshness. We support small to large families by splitting the cow into 8 equal parts. This way you get approximately 50 lbs. of beef with an assortment of cuts and is affordable for everyone. Get as many 50 lbs. deals as you like. Orders for a side of beef (1/2) can be processed to the customer's specifications. OUR FAMILY EATS WHAT WE GROW! Approximate weight is around 50 lbs. +/-for the 1/8 of the cow. You are buying actual weight. Each deal includes items such as tenderlions, ribeyes, New York strips, sirolins, "ALL steaks cut 1 1/4" Thick", hamburger 85/15 in "2lb. packs", cube steak, beef tips, roasts, etc.

Special Services:
Our grass fed beef is also available at our store, (High Country)116 N. Sterling St. Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 433-8875. We sell individual pieces of meat. People who prefer to try before you buy a large amount can get small amounts to try.

General Directions:
Located in the foothills of Morganton, NC. Morganton is located between Asheville and Hickory along I-40. See above to buy individual pieces or will deliver 1/8 of a cow or more.

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